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Unleashing the Power of Master Data

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Master Data refers to the data providing a business with the most value. This is essential information like the name, gender, phone number, or address of a customer or employee relevant to your business. It can also be information about orders from your webshop or consumer contracts. These are data that are important to all parts of the organisation, and to all the different systems that are used to run the business. For instance, information about an employee is both important to HRM systems and accounting systems. It is also important that the systems have the same data and that they are updated whenever changes are made in one of the systems.

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Normally 20% of a business’s data are master data, which means that 20% of a business’s data should be properly synchronised so that all units of the organisation has the information they need. Having master data synchronised makes a huge difference compared to not synchronising the data as this will increase your business's efficiency and accuracy of the workflow and yield up to 80% of the data value. The remaining 80% of the data is more specific to individual systems or departments and may not provide as much value when synchronised. Instead, it may require a lot of effort and only provide 20% of the value, so spending a lot of resources on this might not be profitable.

What we do with Making HubSpot Talk is synchronise your master data through our automated synchronisation service. With Making HubSpot Talk, you can have your data synchronised at all times with no effort or expertise needed.

Ready to take your data synchronisation to the next level? Visit the HubSpot Marketplace to explore our current connectors and upcoming options to synchronise with your CRM system. You can also read our article on how Making HubSpot Talk can simplify your data integration and help boost your business's efficiency and value. Let's maximise your data's potential today, read the article!

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