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The Importance of Data Trust

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

«Data Trust» is crucial for businesses to perform their daily tasks, maintain a good workflow, and especially for increasing customer satisfaction. But what does data trust mean?

Data Trust, Data Quality, and Data Democratisation are closely related concepts in the realm of data management. Data democratisation refers to the process of making data available to the people in the organisation who need it, rather than being stored in silos or limited to the IT department. To achieve effective data democratisation, employees must be able to trust that the data they use is accurate, relevant, and of high quality.

Employees giving each other a high five

Data trust, therefore, refers to the confidence that employees have in the accuracy and completeness of the data they are using to perform their tasks. Having access to all relevant data, such as a customer's previous purchases or an updated email address, can help reduce errors and improve customer service. This will better the customer journey, making more customers loyal to your business.

A well-planned data management strategy is crucial for establishing and maintaining data trust among employees, as it helps ensure the accuracy, completeness, and security of the data. This, in turn, facilitates efficient data usage and empowers employees to make informed decisions. Making HubSpot Talk can help improve data trust by synchronising your data across all connected systems. This feature ensures that any changes made to the data in one system are automatically reflected in all other systems, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. Making HubSpot Talk is a complete managed service where everything is included; migration, set up, user interface, operation, and support. It’s automagical!

If you're curious to learn more about how data synchronisation can help build data trust through increasing data quality, we recommend you check out our next article. Discover the many benefits of synchronising your data, and start making better decisions based on reliable, accurate data by reading our article here!

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